Ever After Eisenbarth

The Geoff & Katy Story

After spending her formative years at a Catholic parochial school in Victoria, Texas, Kathryn enrolled in the obvious choice of college – a private Baptist university – Baylor, in Waco, Texas.

Born in Waco, the son of a Baylor professor that met his wife while she was on staff there with Campus Crusade, Geoffrey watched as his older brother and sister graduated from Baylor. Deciding instead to do the unexpected, he soon enrolled at Baylor.

Here, our
met and fell
madly in

Well, not quite.

Both gregarious and attracted to oddities and creative types, they found themselves part of a large network of Waco natives and fellow Baylor Bears, see below:

The distance between our protagonists in this picture was purely coincidental, but serves to prove my next point.

Although part of a large group of friends, the friendship between these two was not close until the herd thinned, if you will. As maturation, matriculation, and migration led friends to Austin, California, Chicago, and other personal green pastures, our protagonists set their sights on graduate school at Baylor.

Katy, having repeated rudimentary math not twice but thrice (she eventually made an A, y'all), recruited a mathematics major from her now smaller group of hometown friends to tutor her in GRE number-sense. Geoff, being the willing helper and math-proselytizer he is, agreed to assist.

At this point, their photos now look like this:

Notice the proximity?

These cram sessions revealed a shared passion for the finer things in life – suspense thrillers, swelling string music, adventurous foods, pub trivia, and online personality quizzes.

These shared passions led to shared experiences: reading every placard in the museum, sniffing every candle in the store, and tasting every condiment in the restuarant.

These shared experiences led to shared love, respect, and pride. Here, Geoff and Katy fell madly in love.

Their pictures now look like this:

Quite a bit closer at this point, wouldn't you say?

On the eve of an overseas jaunt, and after the Pokémon Go players cleared out, Geoffrey proposed to Kathryn in the Armstrong Browning Library Garden of Contentment. No one warned Geoff about the stress on a loquacious proposer's knee, and no one warned Katy to wear waterproof mascara, but details-schmetails. Our protagonists committed!

As gratitude and excitement for each other swept over our protagonists, they began to ruminate on those that contributed to the people they each were that enabled them to meet and complement each other so well. Thus, you, dear readers, find yourself here and part of this narrative.

Wedding Party

Our partners in crime


Sarah Fultz

Beloved sister, fierce mama, servant-hearted, chicest of chic, wife to David, Team Katy since birth, SMU Pony

Kaleigh Verett

Professor de Francais, work wife to Katy, life wife to Kinsey, future missionary, silver-lining spotter, Baylor Bear

Sarah Kocian

Defender of the accused, logistics lover, never not clever, grad school roomie, double Bear

Michael Haskett

Kindergarten teacher, giant dog collector, voice of reason and well of grace, wife to Al, Baylor Bear

Emily Eoff

Seamstress for the band, infinitely cool, former loc rocker, keeper of the whimsy, undergrad roomie, Baylor Bear


Michael "Patches" Kelly

Best man, Shaolin kung fu practitioner, game developer, college roommate, husband to Ellen, former Lorde Mayor, super-secret club treasurer, Baylor Bear

Aaron "Scoop" Turney

Rock-and-roller, college roomie, keeper of the peach cobbler, Honda Accord Club brother, super-secret underground publication editor, Baylor Bear

David "Dave" Gunn

Dapper gent, former hippie, home-automation wizard, advisor, husband to Emily, super-secret club treasurer, Baylor Bear

James "Kopecky" Kopecky, Esquire

Actually an esquire, rhythm guitarist for Side Real Day, jokesmith, Nebraskan-Texan hybrid, former Lorde Mayor, super-secret club artist, Baylor Bear, Creighton Bluejay

Ryan Walters

Top chef, keeper of the tasty foods, drummer for Side Real Day, perspective provider, super-secret club socialist, Baylor Bear


Mark Laymon

Encourager, brother-in-law, close friend, student body president for life, Baylor Chamber, Baylor Bear.

Our Ceremony

In which our protagonists tie the metaphorical knot

The Event

The ceremony will be outside at the Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas, on March 18th, 2017 at five o'clock. It is recommended that guests park at The Pavilion instead of the main entrance, as that will be the site of the reception.


Be honest, now.

First and last name, please.

Ooo! What's their name?

If so, how many?

Book it!

If you are able celebrate our nuptials with us in person, we have arranged for a block of discounted rooms at Springhill Suites for those guests who book before February 17th.

Located just seven minutes from our wedding site, the suites are spacious with two queen-sized beds apiece and a pull-out couch located in the suite's entry-room. The hotel's ammentities include a bar, pool, free high-speed internet, and complementary breakfast.

Book now!


We sincerely hope that you are able to join us to celebrate our nuptials, and the greatest gift we could receive is your support and thoughts as we begin our life in oneness. If you feel inclined, we are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon.

What's new in Waco?

A few of our favorite places

The Silos

Featuring unique foodtrucks and plenty of outside space for kids to run around in as well. For shopping, be sure to also check out The Findery across the street.

Cameron Park

This beautiful 416 acre park stretching along the Brazos river boasts something for everyone, with its impressive zoo, disc golf courses, nature trails, and playscapes.

The Hippodrome

This recently renovated historic theater now offers new movies and classic films, along with an upstairs bar and restuarant, and spacious patio right in the middle of downtown Austin Avenue.

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits

If you're looking for third-wave coffee or craft cocktails, Dichotomy features locally roasted coffee from Apex and a large selction of cocktails. The rooftop seating features a great view of the courthouse, Alico building, and downtown Waco.

Common Grounds & Heritage Creamery

Everyone's favorite campus coffee shop has expanded recently to offer locally roasted coffee as well as cold brew on tap. In addition, the owners have expanded into the dessert business by converting the building next door into a gourmet ice-cream parlor.

Engagement photos by
Kathryn Krueger Photography .